Defense IndustryDefense Industry
Graphite is the material of choice for processing many advanced materials used in the defense industry including:
– Ceramic armor (SiC, B4C, TiB2)
– Hypersonic vehicle leading edges
– Rocket nozzle throats
– Kinetic Kill Vehicle divert and attitude control systems
– Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMCs)


Transportation and Aerospace IndustryTransportation and Aerospace Industry
Graphite is used widely as an engineering material over a variety of applications including:
– Susceptors, retorts, insulation, fixtures for Carbon / Carbon brakes and clutch components.
– Fixtures & tooling for brazing & heat treating
– Composite materials for space structures
– Tooling and molds for optical components


Solar/ Photovoltaic CellsSolar/ Photovoltaic Cells
Graphite is being used more and more in the manufacturing of Heaters, crucible supports, insulation, heat exchangers for manufacture of photo-voltaic grade silicon. Due to its superior electrical conductivity and diffusion properties and with a lower cost than many traditional energy manufacturing materials. Graphite is helping to lower the cost of these sustainable energy solutions. Heaters, crucible supports, insulation, heat exchangers for manufacture of photo-voltaic grade silicon


Medical IndustryMedical Industry
In the medical industry, mechanical and chemical stability, thermal expansion and uniformity of graphite mean it can be found in dental crucibles, rotating anodes and heat sinks of X-Ray equipment.


Sapphire & Crystal Growth SuppliersSapphire & Crystal Growth Suppliers
Graphite is the leader in Heaters, Susceptors, fixtures, insulation and supporting components for growing sapphire boules or ribbons and shapes by EFG (Edge Defined, Film-Fed Growth).


Glass & Ceramic IndustryGlass & Ceramic Industry
Beaumac specializes in precision machining of graphite for punches and dies for hot pressing, furnace components for high performance ceramics and molds for a wide range of glass production.


Industrial Heat Treating, Sintering and Hot PressingIndustrial Heat Treating, Sintering and Hot Pressing
– Molds, tooling, trays, retorts, work support, dies, insulation & heaters.
– Chemical Vapor Deposition
– Heaters, tooling, work supports, insulation.